Was ist die Faszination beim Hundefrisbee

Discdog is a sport that never stops ! You never stop learning, never stop emproving, imagining new things, getting more and more in harmony with your dog. Discdog has changed my life and my relationship to my dogs. With discdog, your dog is your partner, your hero : without him, you are just incomplete. This is why I love discdog. I makes you know your dog every day more. And it never stops! Yannick Thoulon aus Frankreich

Hundefrisbee ist eines der schönsten Miteinander mit seinem besten Freund und Partner…mit dem Hund den man liebt. Jasmin Keller aus der Schweiz

Der Zusammenhalt unter den Spielern – eine grosse Familie. Natürlich das Zusammenspiel zwischen Mensch und Hund. Thomas Duppenthaler (AWI T&C Europameister 2018) aus der Schweiz

Dogfrisbee is very special to me. At first there is the bond you get with your dog, you play as a team. Dogfrisbee is a different dogsport than many other sports. You can choose the height of the jumps for your dog or choose not to let him or her jump, you can play close to you, you can let your dog run far from you, everything can be adapted to the individual dog. And then, ofcourse you are the other half of the team. The skills you need as a handler are many, and at the same time you adapt your play to the possibilities you have as a handler. Some handlers know 100+ throws and move like athletes and other handlers can do one or two different throws and have the best time with their dog playing Dogfrisbee. So Dogfrisbee is the combination of the skills of you ánd your dog and you can discover each others strenghts and weaknesses. And then, there is the worldwide discdogfamily. Everybody knows each other, or at least have heard of each other. We always help, answer questions about the game, try new throws and moves with each other. And, naturally, like in every family, sometimes there is a bit of struggle, some rows, but there is always the huge common goal, to play and have fun with our dogs. Gesien Broekhuijsen aus Holland

The connection with my dog as team and the creativity of the game. Julia Zimmermann (AWI Europameisterin 2018) aus Deutschland