About DiscDog-Events

Swiss DiscDog-Turntable!

DiscDog-Events is the oldest Swiss DiscDog Club and has set itself the goal to make dog frisbee known in Switzerland. Already in 2011 we organized the first AWI European Championship and by the way also the first DogFrisbee EC in Switzerland. We are pleased that, after 8 years, we can once again be the organizers of this special European Championship. Much has happened in sports during this time. And also in Switzerland DogFrisbee arrived.

DiscDog-Events was founded in 2010 and has already organized more than 25 tournaments. We take care of a weekly Frisbee meeting (training). Furthermore, the association organizes seminars with well-known persons from the dog sport. We present the sport with our Show-Team at various events, advise on the purchase of DogFrisbee and write a weekly blog with tips and tricks.

Sandra Bühler
Kreuzstrasse 13
CH-9315 Winden