AWI EC 2019

Cheer with us!

The qualified teams from different European countries compete for the title AWI European Champion. Which is the best team 2019?

Over the year, qualifying tournaments will be held in various European countries. The 5 best teams qualify for the AWI European Championship and show their skills on 7.9.2019 in Switzerland. Sportplatz Rietzelg, Rietzelgweg, CH-9315 Neukirch-Egnach.

Join them live and experience the action all day long for the whole family. Jumping dogs, funky music, flying Frisbee and acrobatic tricks. Have you ever seen a dog jump off the human back while catching a frisbee? Or a player who throws a Frisbee out of the handstand for his dog?

There are teams from the countries: Switzerland, Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Austria

Free admission, free parking on site, meals and shopping throughout the day. More information about the activities and shopping.

The teams are awarded in 3 disciplines:

  • Combined (Freestyle and Toss & Catch are counted together)
  • Freestyle (9 frisbee, 1 human, 1 dog and 2 minutes of time, the team shows their freestyle to their chosen music, 4 judges rate the freestyle – a creative, varied game)
  • Toss & Catch (1 Frisbee, 1 human, 1 dog and 1 minute time, the field is divided into different zones, the farther away the dog catches the Frisbee, the more points you get – a temporary game)